The Sensory Deprivation Helmet

Recently I saw something on TV, which immediately drew my attention: a sensory deprivation helmet.

Although it looked pretty weird, it made ‘sense to me’. It is pretty hard to block out al the noise surrounding you, especially if you are in busy environment, with a lot of people, like offices.

So I started googling to see if this helmet actually existed, and found two helmets: the Helmfon and a ‘helmet project’ of artist Jordan K. Reynolds. Both seem to be prototypes, as far as I can tell.


Sensory Deprivation Helmet

Source: site Jordan K. Reynolds
Source: site Jordan K. Reynolds

 I am really curious about the Helmfon and would love to try it someday, to see if it helps and actually works.

It could be a great asset for everyone who needs to get some work done in busy environments, without getting bothered by sensory overload!

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