Lifehack: Dealing with Heat in Autism

I haven’t written anything in quite a while, which is partly due to the heat in my country. I live in a country where it – usually – doesn’t get really hot, but since May we have had many sunny, hot days. June was one of the driest months in the last 100 years!

Unfortunately, I am having quite some problems with heat. Heat is just another sensory stimulus my body finds hard to deal with. It is even worse, when it gets more humid, or when the air pressure changes. 🙁

So, rising temperatures tend to get me more into sensory overload, which is not a pleasant state at all. My perception for temperatures has been off for quit a while now. I am still walking in a t-shirt, when others get cold and need sweaters and coats.

I used to be the total opposite. When I was young, I was always cold. I would only feel good in (sub)tropic temperatures. Now I just get annoyed by these high temperatures.

The bad thing is, you can’t do much about feeling or being too hot. Not if you still have to go to work or try to function in a normal way. Staying inside, get a regular shower is about all I can do.

Dealing with heat in autism: The solution

Mission Cap

I did manage to find one item which can help against the heat, if you have to go out and get overloaded by the sun on your head: a cap which you can dip in the water, so it can cool down your head with this water. I have been using this to fight the heat, especially while I was on a boat, and it works pretty well!

I have way less headache. I can stay outside longer. I can dip the hat in water when I feel my head is getting too hot. I am really happy with this cap, even if it messes up my hair! 🙂



More info on how it works:

Mission also sells towels, but I haven’t tried them yet!

Want to buy one?

Do you have experience with cooling aids, or did you find another great way of dealing with heat in autism? Please let me know in the comments!

Note: I bought the cap myself!

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