5 Must-Have Items for People on the Spectrum

As you might have read on this page before, fighting sensory is a daily battle for me. I am guessing for a lot of people on the spectrum. Here I present 5 items that make my life a lot more easier

1. Earmuffs

These earmuffs look horrible, but they are absolutely amazing! It’s great to use them to unwind at home. To stop being annoyed by the sound of the fridge, the dishwasher and all the humming machines in your home. Since they do not filter frequencies of human voice, you are still able to hear someone if they talk to you (although not easy) or watch tv!

2. Cooling Cap

When there’s another hot day, which is causing you to meltdown, this cap can help quite a bit. You can soak the cap in water. After soaking, it will do all the – cooling – work for you!

3. Computer Glasses

These computer glasses, officially meant to filter the blue light when working behind a computer, are a real help to me! They tune down the brightness of the world for me. I wear them a lot.

4. Sleeping Mask

Sleeping properly can be a real hassle nowadays, with all the unnatural light in our world. Most sleeping masks are uncomfortable and put pressure on your eyes. This one doesn’t. I sleep with it every night, and am grateful to have it.

5. Custom Made Ear Plugs

If you need to be out and about, these ‘guys’ are a real solution. They are not cheap, but they are definitely worth their price! A great alternative for earmuffs. πŸ™‚

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Life Hack: Computer Glasses

Recently I bought a pair of computer glasses on Aliexpress, after a friend recommended them to me. They helped her out, making it easy on the eye, to look at a pc all day long. So, the glasses came, and I used it behind by Mac, but wasn’t that impressed. The glasses went into a drawer.

But lately, I’m being more bothered by lights. My tolerance for sound is getting better, but it seems to be shifting to lights, my intolerance. Lights on cars, LED lights and fluorescent tubes really bother me, and they seem to be everywhere. πŸ™ I decided to give my computer glasses a try, to see if they would help ‘fighting’ all these bright lights. And they did! If I wear them, the world is much less blue, much less bright, more sepia-ish, which is really nice! The first time I wore them, I even got tired. I think because being outside wasn’t as exhausting as usual.

So I am very happy to have discovered this works out pretty well for me. I go out with these glasses a lot, and they are also very helpful in the workplace, where fluorescent tubes are ubiquitous. They make going to the supermarket much less dreadful too.

Computer Glasses of Ali

The only disadvantage is, they are very reflective, so it is hard for other people to see your eyes.

Want to give it a try? Get yours on aliexpress for 7.90 US dollar.

Note: I bought this item myself.

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