Would you like to get in touch with me? You can send me an e-mail on angela AT

You can follow my blog on Facebook and on Twitter. I am also on Instagram.


I am open to cooperation, you can always contact me about this. I am open to testing and reviewing products, which can be helpful for adults with autism.

I am also open to making trips to come to places which are special/helpful/useful for adults with autism. Just be aware traveling is not always easy to me, due to my autism.

You can always send your item for testing/review, but I can not promise – on beforehand – I will blog about it.

If I write about a product/trip, this will be stated in the blog I write about it.

I will write critically and honestly about everything I get.

My target audience is high functioning adults with autism. This is a niche group, which is getting bigger and bigger, now more and more adults get diagnosed with autism.